Just as much as I like talking about fitness, I enjoy talking and writing about business topics as well. After all, my gym would be empty if I was not into learning how to grow a business the same as my muscles lol.

Last week I went to a local chamber of commerce meeting where I had the chance to talk to a lot of business people from the city, and even some that were not from here. Some one had a visit from a friend who happens to be a Tijuana dentist. We talked for a moment and told him I had written a couple of articles in my blog related to dental care. This is going to be a shameless plug for him, but his website is http://tijuanadentalstudio.com/ in case you are in need of dental care. He seems to know what he is talking about. He actually has two clinics, so he kinda knows about business as well. His second clinic is called Dental Integral, and it is managed by his wife. I’m may be blindly vouching for him, because I’ve never been treated by him, but there’s the contact info in case you want to try him out. Any way, back to where I was going….

I had the chance to talk with this guy that has a digital marketing agency, mostly focusing on creating paginas de internet en Tijuana (I’m in San Diego, so I know a lot of people from Mexico). I mainly picked his brain about marketing ideas and tips I could use to get the word out about my fitness center. We talked about franchising (which is something I will look into later on), about hiring the right people, and even about cutting operation costs, after all, a penny saved is a penny earned, and we are not exactly talking about pennies when you are running a big business like a gym center. One idea we talked about was about using solar energy. Even tough there has been a green energy boom over the last 5 years in California, I haven’t really given it a second thought. He mentioned that he had a local company install a sistema de energía solar en Tijuana, and that he had been saving a lot of money. That is something that will go in my to-do list immediately.

Since I mostly operate out of facebook and this blog, this marketing guy suggested I get a new website just focused on getting gym leads for my fitness center. He showed me a couple of websites he had just delivered. One is  a dental clinic called Sam Dental. Both website look good, at least acceptable, so I asked him to get me a quote. I most definitely need more member for my fitness group, so maybe this is the way to go.

Ok, so that is all I have about the chamber of commerce meeting. Actually, I also spoke with a chef that had a food truck with the meanest pull pork sandwiches, but since this is a fitness blog, I won’t talk about that fatty foods. Until next time!